Antigua Guatemala Wedding Photography

Antigua Guatemala is a place of rare beauty which makes it a unique and stunning area for wedding couples looking to get married. Beneath 3 volcanoes sits a plethora of colonial relics. Draped in colors and culture, Anitgua is a must-visit destination providing something for everyone. Whether you want to make Guatemalan s'mores on hot lava pockets during a day adventure to Pacaya Volcano or enjoy the creative cuisines and shopping, you will fall in love with Antigua the moment you arrive.

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Top things to do in Antigua Guatemala

Shopping at the local Mercado

Nothing beats bringing home some handmade souvenirs from a place you have visited. Be sure to visit the local Mercado in Antigua Guatelmala where you will find endless amounts of handmade Guatemalan goods.

Hike Pacayo

There are 3 volcanic mountains that surround the Antigua area. All are rarely hiked however Pacayo is the volcano of choice. At 8373 feet and about an hour and a half drive from Antigua, it is the perfect day trip if you are looking to explore the nature of Guatelmala.

Santa Catalina Arch

As one of the most distinguishable landmarks in the area, Santa Catalina Arch was built in the 17th century and originally was used as a passageway for the nuns of the Santa Catalina convent to pass from one building to the next.

Cathedral de San Santiago

Among the 35 churches in Antigua Guatemala, Cathedral de San Santiago is a must see and hard to miss.  At night it is lit with thousands of lights creating a magical scene for viewers.

Cerro de la Cruz

The hike itself is fairly high up, however once to the top it creates for the perfect view  of Antigua and photographic opportunity.