I Love Light Workshop with Easton Reynolds of Lurey Photography

Yesterday I had the sweet opportunity to drive to Petaluma, Ca where I met up with four other photographers, including long lost friend and photographer Tim King from San Diego. We had the awesome opportunity to spend eight hours with Easton Reynolds of Lurey Photography where we got to learn a more in-depth understanding of off camera flash. I had been looking for sometime for an OCF workshop to advance my skills and knowledge, so when Tim contacted me about this awesome opportunity I couldn't turn it down.

We were lucky enough to spend the day at the Olympia's Valley Estate that is an absolutely gorgeous farm in Petaluma. Easton who runs Lurey Photography with his wife is extremely passionate and one of those photographers who not only wants to share his knowledge with other photographers, but does so with the goal in mind to raise the standard of talent among other photographers so that the photography industry itself can improve. Better photographers = Better Photography Industry. Everything from the mathematical formula of the inverse square law to modifiers and actual light set-ups, Easton covered pretty much everything. He worked with each of us individually pushing us to be hands-on to produce photos based on the information we had retained and a few scenarios we might be presented with where we would have to be able to think quick on our feet. I think what made this workshop extra special was that not only did Easton make an effort to push us to be hands on and apply our knowledge, but he did so with no pressure and an open ear for questions along the way. He made everything easy to understand with his simple explanations and walked us through his own thinking process when he photographs using OCF lighting. I would highly recommend any workshop with Lurey Photography to any photographer out there looking to improve their lighting skills and "out of the box" thinking.

We all finished the day with some drinks, a delicious dinner and of course more laughter over conversation. I think one of the best parts about the photography industry are the friendships that come out of sharing knowledge, teaching each other and pushing each others skill set to the limit! Once a photographer learns that they are only in competition with themselves, the sky is the limit!

A workshop is never complete without a lot of laughs and a few jokes along the way which we definitely had throughout the day. I like to call this one the "man in the mirror" shot with Tim King.

Photographer Tim King at Lurey Photography workshop photo by Shaunte Dittmar Photography