Wedding Photojournalism

Mentoring with Shaunte’ Dittmar


Levels of mentoring

Once we have an idea of your photographic goals, we will start the level of mentoring that you decide to invest in.

Level 1 Mentoring - 2 hour Custom Critique Session

  • This session will be catered to what you would like to improve on most. I will spend time going through one of your weddings with all of your RAW files to get an idea of your approach and make notes on strengths and areas of improvement. We will have a two hour Skype critique which will touch on the following topics: Storytelling skills, vision, technical skills as well as photographic personality. You will be given notes on ways to improve as well as a few select photos that I will pick out from the wedding that will highlight where and how to make changes.

Level 2 Mentoring - Before and After Custom Critique Session

  • Level 1 plus: In addition to your first critique, we will have a second one-hour follow-up session assessing your next wedding and the RAW files to see where improvements were made with more in depth advice the second time around.

Level 3 Mentoring | Investment will vary based on location - Hands On and In-Depth Mentoring

  • Levels 1 and 2 plus: Adding some spice to the mix, I will come observe and help you with one of your weddings. I will be your assistant for the day so I can take notes, give pointers along the way while also taking photos along with you to go over after the wedding day. The photos I take can be included in the collection that you deliver to your couple. This final critique will involve an honest assessment and requires an open mind and willingness to listen in order to improve.

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