Merida Mexico Wedding Photography

Merida Mexico is the perfect location to start off your Yucatan adventure. With narrow streets and broad central plazas, Merida is engulfed in colonial history. You will not fall short of excellent cuisine or accommodations nor a lack of something to do. Merida is a happening place, with thriving markets and events happening almost every night. Not only is it a perfect start to a wedding and perhaps a honeymoon, it's filled with adventure for guests coming to celebrate and visit.

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Top things to do in Merida Mexico

Visit the Gran Museo del Mundo Maya

If you want to see a world class museum, visit the Gran Museo del Mundo Maya in Merida. The museum houses more than 1100 well-preserved artifacts. If you are planning on visiting the area's ruins, taking a stop here first will prep you for the visit.

Have a fun night at Mercado 60

This modern concept is a cocktail bar meets hall, where the lively and diverse culinary market will have you dancing with locals to the live salsa music.

Visit the Catedral de San Ildefonso

What used to be a former Maya temple is now the Catedral de San Ildefonso. Started in 1561 and ending in 1598, some of the stone of the previous Maya temple was used in the construction. The crucifix behind the altar is Cristo de la Unidad, a symbol of reconciliation between those of Spanish and Maya heritage.

Tacos at Wayan'e

Who doesn't love tacos? Popular for the crispy pork belly, Wayan'e is a premiere breakfast spot and must eat places in Merida. If you are vegetarian, no problem. They offer options for you too.

Parque Santa Lucia

If you like concerts, there is a free one here every Thursday at 9pm. Parque Santa Lucia is located in a populated restaurant area and is at the heart of downtown Merida.

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