Tulum Wedding Photography

Tulum is considered one of the best beaches in Mexico. With it's white sandy beaches, crystal waters and relaxing breezes, it's sure to please any visitor or wedding couple looking for a destination Mexico wedding. Mayan ruins tower over the sea of Tulum. If you choose Tulum for your destination wedding, be sure to allow for some extra days for you and your guests to visit El Castillo, the Temple of the Frescoes and the underground river under a canopy of stalactites in the sacred caverns of LabnaHa Eco Park. If you love snorkeling, you also may want to visit Cenote Dos Ojos and explore the caves in the middle of the forest. Once a sleepy town of the Yucatan Peninsula, Tulum now is a high-luxury, down-to-earth gem where visitors slow down and enjoy the open-air spas and boutique hotels.

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Recommended Tulum Wedding Venues

Top things to do in Tulum

Tulum Ruins

Located on a section of rocky coastline south of Tulum's downtown, the ruins showcase several temples and castles from the once-thriving pre-Colombian Mayans. Be sure to bring good sneakers, some sunscreen and a hat!

Maya Spa

This is for the relaxed yogi! Located in one of the recommended wedding venues, Azulik, the Maya spa offers massages, body wraps, crystal therapy and yoga classes. The highlight of the Maya Spa are the steam baths that the indigenous Mexicans believed had healing and purifying powers. Both guests of the hotel and visitors are able to book at the Maya Spa.

El Gran Cenote

Considered sacred waters, the El Gran Cenote is an underground cavern good for swimming and diving. Located 20 miles outside of Tulum, be sure to take a taxi or drive early as the Cenote can get crowded mid-day.

Playa Paraiso

If you are looking for a relaxing end to your day, Playa Paraiso is a great place to visit. Just north of the Tulum Ruins, you'll find plenty of opportunities to snorkel, scuba dive or even relax on the hammocks and lounge chairs.


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